Captioning is when the audio portion of a video is transcribed into text on the screen. This method is often utilized to help make television, films, computers, and mobile devices accessible to everyone.

Closed Captioning helps improve accessibility for ESL Viewers,  comprehension, and retention of media content and allows your message to reach larger audiences. It has also been proven beneficial for persons watching videos in their non-native language, for children and adults learning to read, and for persons who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

Closed Caption Uses


Global Insight Productions for Closed Caption

Global Insight Productions provides quality customer service. We adhere to the guidelines as required by the FCC for accuracy.


Did You Know

The captions are a separate text file,  then synced to the video. That allows for enabling and disabling capabilities. The content can be easily modified, expanded, or edited to specifications with little to no effort. Though the feature includes those with disabilities, many find the availability a benefit as it furthers the video content’s reach to various audiences.