Nicole Scarnato League

Business Development Manager

Nicole Scarnato is our Business Development Specialist. Nicole has +15 years specializing in strategic planning methodologies to develop innovative and "out of the box solutions" for business planning, development, acquisition, procurement, and Tracee contracts. She is a driven, compassionate, life-long learner that accepts any challenge and is motivated by the fantastic, seemingly "impossible" accomplishments that she has witnessed and been a part of in her professional career. Nicole believes in a holistic, unified- service and purpose-driven approach and reaching for highest goals, with unprecedented expectations on what can be accomplished. Her passion for learning, developing solutions, and strategic planning, centers around her time in the Navy. She realized that when pigeonholed into one facet or particular function, businesses and people could not begin to know what they are accomplishing, the effects of their actions and professional inputs, and most  importantly, their most actual potential. After the military, she focused her professional business efforts and moved onto law, and now we are pleased to have  on our team, helping us expand our reach.